About Me

HEY it's Shaundi! If you hadn't guessed already, I LOVE photography! Ever since I can remember I have brought a camera with me everywhere, including the old disposable film cameras when I was a little girl. I used to dress up my little sister in her cutest clothes, push-pin some type of makeshift backdrop to my bedroom wall, and snap away my camera while I posed her endlessly. Now, 15 years later, driving my passion through educational courses, professional-grade equipment, multiple editing programs, and 10 million pictures later, I have refined my skills into a career that dreams are made of.

For me, photography is life! It's a form of art, a way to build amazing new friendships, a reason to look for the beauty in every person and place that I encounter:) I love freezing moments in time that add to the story of who we are and what we love! My style involves natural light, dreamy bokeh, flattering posing, authentic connections, and aesthetic details. 

I'm a wife to an amazing and supportive husband, a mom of the three cutest kiddos earth, & a graduate of Brigham Young University. I've lived in five states in the last five years because our family is driven by adventure! Because of this I have learned to look for beauty everywhere & in all cultures. You would think that moving so much would be harmful to a small business like mine, but it's actually made it more successfuI because I'm driven by passion!  I would love to capture you and your loved ones in whatever stage you may be in, for each stage is one to remember!:) 


Let's schedule your shoot! Email me at [email protected] 

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Based in Lehi, UT